Bestox® is a broad spectrum and highly active pyrethroid insecticide which acts on pests through contact and ingestion. It rapidly knocks down pests more

Brigade® 0.25EC

Brigade® controls tough insect pests and mites by breaking their lifecycles, through killing eggs, nymphs and worms, and adults. Brigade® controls white flies... read more


GC-Mite is recommended at the rate of 3mls/litre of water (60 mls per knapsack). The efficacy of Garlic based more


Universal seed drill is a transmission type modern seed drill which may plant all the cereal seeds in a precise manner. It plants large and medium . more

Pyerin 75 EC

Pyerin is based on pyrethrum extract formulated in edible vegetable oil. Unlike most pyrethrum formulations, Pyerin more


Description more

Marshal 350ST

Description more

Pl plus

PL Plus is used in conjunction with a growth medium which is supplied together with the product as a twin pack. Add the more

Pyegar 35EC

Pyegar controls mites, aphids, thrips, caterpillars, worms, whitefly and other more

Dragnet FT

A Pyrethroid Termiticide containing Permethrin. Has a long residual control combined with unique repellency properties more


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