Welcome to Juanco Contech Limited

Juanco contech Ltd (construction technologies) is a Kenyan company whose primary objective is to participate in the building, road construction and water resource industry in the East and Central Africa region. It is part of the bigger Juanco group Ltd which gives the construction company financial support such that the company is able to undertake projects of more than 500 million shilling without difficulties.

Our Team

We have a strong team of graduates, technicians and artisans who have proved themselves by rolling out projects within stipulated times. We also have adequate machinery and financial support by our parent company, Juanco Group Ltd; therefore we are capable of undertaking projects valued in excess of 500million.


  • Ministry of Public Works : Category C
  • Ministry of Road : Category D
  • Water Resource contractory : Category IA, IB, 11CB, 1D
  • Ministry of Public Works : Category C

  • General Building : NCA 5
  • Roads & Other Civil Works : NCA 5